Inspiration: A Baker’s Dozen

Website TheGrid

1. It was hard to miss the crowdfunding campaign of startup GRID. Over 8000 backers paid $96 after seeing the slogan: ‘AI websites that design themselves’.

Website Re-Type

2. ‘Kurversbrug’ is a revival of Amsterdam’s bridge letters. The original alphabet was probably designed by Anton Kurvers around 1930. Ramiro Espinoza from Re-Type redefined the original model and the result is amazing.

Website Briefbox

3. Briefbox is an ever growing library of quick, fun design briefs in various categories to help you improve your design skills and get your creative juices flowing.

Website Lu Xinjian

4. An excellent series of paintings by Chinese artist Lu Xinjian who draws inspiration from aerial views of major cities taken on Google.

Website Marketing Tribune

5. To support Floriade Almere 2022, KesselsKramer developed a comprehensive brand book in the form of a USB stick.

Website Manual

6. The Manual is an excellent design journal for the web. Read for example the article: ‘Visual Design in not a thing’ by Mark Boulton.

Website BLLOON

7. Berlin-based startup BLLOON has launched an app that aims to get more young people reading ebooks by applying a freemium model to the medium.

Website MOBA

8. Just because ugly can be pretty too: The Museum of Bad Art.

Website Kikkerland

9. Where creativity runs rampant and even the most utilitarian gadget becomes a delightful discovery: Kikkerland.

Website Swivelcard

10. Swivelcard, a business card that folds into a USB drive, directs recipients to a Web page and can be updated, even after you’ve handed it out.

Website Superflux

11. Superflux is a collaborative design practice. Their work is at the intersection of emerging technologies and everyday life, see for example this fun project: edible christmas cards.

Website MKBHD

12. MKBHD (Marques Brownlee) is a true modern-day media success story — a kid in his bedroom who turned his love of tech into an empire.

En last but not least….

Website Smappee

13. Smappee is unique: not only does a single smappee sensor measure the total energy consumed in your home, it is so fast and accurate it is capable of identifying the consumption of each individual appliance.