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Crowdfunding campaign

2017 | Dutch Victim Support Fund

Facebook carroussel FSH

The crowfunding campaign for emergency fund ( focusses on basic needs of victims, such as a care-packages, groceries or toys for children.

Concept: Publicis and Dutch Victim Support Fund
Website: Dutch Victim Support Fund (Kentaa platform)
Video-editing: Worx Media




Recruitment campaign

2016 | Libertas Leiden


A series of posters and advertisements for (health)care organization Libertas Leiden.

Campaign ‘I Stay Here’

2016 | Defence for Children

Campagnebeeld tijdens uitzending Pauw

According to the Dutch Office of Defence for Children, the National Children’s Pardon [Kinderpardon] is not effective. Hundreds of children have been residing in the Netherlands for more than five years without a legal residence permit. They do not speak the language of the country of origin and live in fear because they can be deported at any time. Last night the the National campaign ‘I Stay Here’ was presented on Dutch television. The aim of this campaign is to give these children a voice and stop the uncertainty of their current legal status.

Collateral: Print and Website
Photography: Hans Moolenaar
See also: Broadcast Pauw (Vara) May 3
Website: I Stay Here

Campaign for a fair Child’s Pardon

2015 | Defence for Children

Demonstratie Kinderpardon

It’s been two years since the so-called Child’s Pardon came into force. Hundreds of children are still in uncertainty and are threatened with eviction. Last Wednesday, March 11 there was a demonstration to send a clear message to all political parties involved.

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Demonstration for a fair Child’s Pardon

Defence for Children | 2014

Manifestatie Kinderpardon, Plein, Den Haag

The central town square (Het Plein) in The Hague was the spot for a big event last Wednesday June 25 to ask attention for the cause of 600 children who are threatened with eviction from The Netherlands. The highlight of the day was a football tournament, followed by musical performances. Several petitions were presented to MPs.

Info: Defence for Children

Campaign for a Fair Children’s pardon

Defence for Children | 2014

Pauw en Witteman donderdag 7 mei

A large number of mayors and refugee and children’s rights organizations began a campaign for a fairer application of the children’s pardon (Dutch: Kinderpardon). Commissioned by Defence for Children campaign materials were designed such as flyers, posters and banners.

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Uitzending Pauw & Witteman 7 mei
BNR Nieuwsradio

Campaign ‘Vote for rooted children’

Defence for Children | 2012


Children who lived in the Netherlands for many years (but without a residence permit) launched the campaign “Vote for rooted Children ‘ on August 29. Special election posters were made and by wearing T-shirts with the text “Do you vote against us?” children confronted passersby and politicians to speak out for children’s rights. was responsible for the graphic design of the campaign.

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HOUSEmagazine campaign

Graphic Design for the social media campaign of the HOUSEmagazine in order to retain it’s publication. Postcard, Twitter profile and background.

Campaign Health and Safety Measurements

2 in beweging | Health & Safety Measurements | 2010

Graphic Design for Health and Safety Measurements for the meat industry. The campaign is aimed at raising awareness of security risks in the workplace for employees and managers. The campaign material includes free cards, booklets and posters.

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