I’m Niels Biersteker, graphic designer. After finishing my studies (Royal Academy of Art and the Jan van Eyck Academy) I worked for more than ten years at acclaimed design agencies (G2K, Corps en Teldesign). In 2010 I started my own design agency Designink.nl

I live in The Hague, The Netherlands, together with my wife and two kids. I have a passion for graphic design and love to work for clients who expect and seek high-quality. I am challenged to find a personal and effective solution for a wide range of communication problems, focussing at content and with a functional point of view (form follows function). I have a preference for creative dialogue, with a focus on clear and measurable objectives.

During the past years I created visual identities for companies of all sizes (see my portfolio).
This experience makes me a professional partner in the design process and I am capable of operating in a variety of media forms (print, environmental/3d and new media).

I love to write and be up to date in the subject of my profession. Therefore the homepage of this website is a blog of personal interest.

“I believe in effective design (communicate with intention) and personal ink (liquid for coloring a surface)”.


Creating a distinctive brand identity is key in positioning your organization for success. Research and strategic insight are the foundation for effective design solutions. By focussing on identity, target group and message, creativity can be utilized in a productive manner.


Designink.nl creates visual identities for companies of all sizes. Examples of my work include: annual reports, websites, motion graphics, book design, packaging, brand-marks, newsletters and brochures. It is also possible to request for a creative session, presentation or field study on a specific problem.


Personal attention is combined with a professional and commercial approach. Designink.nl is small and flexible, provides competitive rates and is linked to a network of copywriters, photographers, illustrators and other professionals. Short communication lines makes the design process easily surveyed and manageable.

If you have any questions about my work or services, please contact me.

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