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Orange highlights

2017 | Defence for Children


The Annual Report for Defence for Children – ECPAT is titled ‘Proud of Our Accomplishments’. This positive attitude is realized by focusing on key results and highlighting important projects.

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Annual Report visualizes Children’s Rights

2015 | Defence for Children

Jaarverslag Defence for Children

The annual report of Defence for Children looks back on an extraordinary year for children’s rights. Implementing and monitoring Children’s Rights is represented by a combination of photo collages and hand-drawn illustrations .

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Children’s rights; principles into practice

Defence for Children | 2014

Jaarverslag kinderrechten in de praktijk

Children’s rights: priciples into practice. That’s the title of the annual report of Defence for Children in The Netherlands. Priority areas are represented by various symbols which form the main visual on the cover. This results in a deeper perspective to the image used on the back of the report: a cild wearing boxing gloves.

Defence for Children Annual Report

Defence for Children | 2013

Jaarverslag Defence for Children

Much of the work of Defence for Children is a matter of being patient. In different timelines this report gives an impression of this work and patience.

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Annual Report ‘Children’s Rights from the Heart’

Defence for Children | 2012

Omslag Jaarverslag

Defence for Children’s new slogan ‘Children’s Rights from the Heart’ was visualized by combining all relevant topics in one symbol. The Annual Report is available online.