A selection of my work realized for a broad range of clients.

Corporate identity

A consistent use of a recognizable logo or wordmark reinforces the overall positive identity of your company. Five basic elements help create an effective visual identity for an organization; symbol, information system, typeface, photo(graphic) motifs and colour palette. These five elements provide a solid foundation for the visual style of all corporate communication. Designink also helps you implement and monitor your current identity.

– Defence for Children
– Pro Juventute
– Kinderrechten Filmfestival Leiden
– Libertas Leiden

Logo Design

On the basis of the values and goals of your organization, we develop brands that fit your identity and target audience. We also service the registration of your trademark. We believe in a functional and original approach, which we develop in close collaboration with the client (research briefing-debriefing).

– Andrew Balcombe
– Pro Juventute
– Natuurlijk Kleurrijk
– Housekrant (project)
– Furry Foodie (packaging)
– Defence for Children (subbrands)
– Kinderrechten Filmfestival
– Kortman Immigration Lawyers
– Hart voor Kinderrechten (pay-off)

In the past (employment), I have worked on the logos of Aedex, Dutch National Firefighters Association, CalorForce, Deltares, Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, Dutch Handball Federation, OSCE Chairmanship The Netherlands 2003, Prisc, Promen, Moved Media, WOSM en Xantic.

Marketing Campaigns

We also help to create advertising campaigns where a specific course of action is designed to advertise a company, cause, or product. The end purpose of the campaign is to boost awareness of the subject matter and generate demand.

– Safety in the workplace, prevention (with: 2inbeweging)
– Vote for Children’s Rights (with: Pold’rvisie, photography: Sander Nieuwenhuys)
– Housekrant, funding (with: Defence for Children)

Printed Matter

The scent of printed matter, diamond-screen lithography combined with the craftmanship of the printer and binder. It’s always a present to have a tactile object in your hands. Whether it is a flyer with scratch-off ink, a threeway folded brochure or an annual report with numbers and digits.

– Mesveiligheid (flyer, scratch-off)
– Barry Popma (cover thesis)
– Lex van Leeuwen Real Estate Agency (flyer)
– Lycée Français Vincent van Gogh (poster)
– Handboek Internationaal Jeugdrecht (cover)


Research in (Graphic) Design is essential for marketing and innovation. Furthermore, it helps improve workflow and efficiency. Targeted research can be used for benchmarking, brand-alignment and brand-revitalization.

– Brabantia (product branding) (with: Studio Hert)
– Mediacollege (app design) (with: Crossxml)

Website Design

Online customers require special attention. Brand positioning and strategy is the starting point for developing a successful website or social media profile. We work with professional web designers, copywriters and photographers.

ProJuventute.nl (web development: Studio Hert)
– Designink.nl
Fonds Slachtofferhulp (web development: Webzovoort)
Defence for Children (management: YellowCat, web development: SiteSpirit)

De getoonde projecten zijn tot stand gekomen in teamverband met opdrachtgever en projectpartners.

Sander Nieuwenhuys
Hans Moolenaar

Stenco Grafimedia

Web development
Studio Hert

Public Relation Agencies