Aphasia Bedside Check

Erasmus MC | 2014

Afasie Bedside Check

Aphasia Bedside Check is a tool for an initial diagnosis of a language (and/or speech) impairment in patients with a neurological disorder. The test takes only a few minutes and can be performed at the bedside. There is a paper version available in the form of a booklet with accompanying forms. A digital version (app) will be released in the near future.

The booklet and forms are designed to fit a doctor’s pocket . The content of the exercises and design (clear imagery and clear typography) makes this test suitable for neurologists and rehabilitation physicians.

Afasie Bedside Check - Test B
Afasie Bedside Check - Oefening A1
Afasie Bedside Check - Test C
Afasie Bedside Check - Formulier