Germany in good hands

Handgebaren; stinkefinger en ruit

Hand gestures caused heated discussions in German elections last week. German Chancellor candidate Peer Steinbrück was on the cover of the Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin with a raised middle finger (Stinkefinger). He was responding to the question of what he thought of his nicknames as ‘Problem-Peer’,  ‘Pan-Peer’ and ‘Peerlusconi’. The Twitter Account ‘Peers finger’ has already been created.

Chancellor Angela Merkel is known for the distinctive way she puts her fingertips together (Merkel-diamond). This trademark is now a symbol for consistency and reliability, but asked about the origin Merkel replied: “Ich habe mich einfach gefragt” Wohin mit den Armen? “- So ist die entstanden Geste.” Now, the hands have been turned to a strength. “In der Raute liegt die Kraft” (“The strength is in the diamond”)

The success of a politician is partly determined by voice, presentation and appearance. Even if this happens unconsciously.

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