Pinterest for designers

Since February 2012 I’m an avid user of Pinterest and owner of 41 boards, 1137 pins and 123 likes. But why? To explain myself, a few examples.

1. Collector’s mania: flexible logo’s

Pinterest Polymorphic Identity Systems

The images above show the latest pins of my Pinterest board ‘Polymorphic Identity Systems’. This is the place were I collect examples of ‘flexible’ logo’s and visual identities (total of 280 pins, 81 followers). Update (2013.09.13): 443 pins, 301 followers.

2. Research and interaction: Dutch brands on Pinterest

The ‘first’ creative marketing campaign on Pinterest (Peugeot campaign) inspired me to research Dutch brands on Pinterest. Research in March-April showed limited activity of (high profile) Dutch brands.

The overview of Dutch accounts on Pinterest (Pingids) noted mainly individual users (Nr 1: Ank, 113450 followers) and magazines (Nr.3: 101Woonideeen, Sanoma Media, 3532 followers). By now i have found approximately 50 dutch companies with an official Pinterest-profile.

The most creative (Dutch) projects I could find were;
#Collectievissen. Cultural institutions and libraries pin and share their collection by using this hashtag.
Design your Bin entries.  Design-contest by Brabantia.

3. Inspiration and co-creation

Following other users and/or boards results in an imaginative visual feed, which inspires and activates to ‘repin’. It is also a possibility to follow general topics (Art & Design) or to find an affordable gift by browsing the $20-50 range.

Furthermore, it is dead simple to share a board with a collegue or client, for example by creating a moodboard for a specific project you’re working on.

For more information on Pinterest and creative possibilities, have a look here.