Branding the World Cup 2018-2022

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Candidates 2018-2022 (Click image to enlarge)
Ranking, location and visual presentation.

FIFA will announce the winner of the bidding procedure for the World Cups 2018 and 2022 on the 2nd of December 2010. The contestants have not yet won the race, although it seems evident Europe will have preference on hosting the 2018 event.

Meanwhile, all nations are branded with impressive visual identities, brand marks, websites and PR-campaigns to convince FIFA of their qualities. Appointed ambassadors stride to the spotlight and politicians seem to play an important role as well.

Much debate is heard about the page count of bid books, interactive presentations and the contestant’s reputations. What countries have the best chance to host the 2018 World cup? When looking at the betting odds from online bookmakers, the ranking is as follows; (1) England (2) Russia (3) Spain-Portugal (4) The Netherlands-Belgium and (5) United States.

So what is key? Could it be the hardware (stadiums, infrastructure, location etc.) or is it the software (themes as sustainability or peace) that wins the game? Design agencies Studio Boot, Pentagram, Futurebrand (twice), Brand Union & Brownsdesign have created new visual identities for the contestants, but the question remains whether these efforts will be decisive…

Futurebrand’s strategy to brand the nation (Australia) and the World Cup bid in similar fashion (kangaroo and a burning sun) is remarkable. Looking at the brand marks, England (wordmark) is my personal favorite. Pentagram delivered the most creative identity and Japan coded the most impressive website.


Organizing countries
The Netherlands-Belgium


Logo Design and Corporate Identity
Studio Boot (The Netherlands-Belgium)
Brand Union & Brownsdesign (England)
Pentagram (USA)
Futurebrand (Australia)
Futurebrand (Qatar)

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