Recently i became the victim of creditcard fraud. Luckily, the monitoring service of Visa/Mastercard was vigilant and not much damage was done, but still, what the @#$%^&* !!!! After a brake and enter some years ago i became more careful, but this one i didn’t see coming. After reading T.C. Boyle’s ‘Talk Talk’ (a beautiful and thrilling adventure about identity theft) it was clear to me that online behaviour was extremely vulnerable…but in my own digital backyard?

Most likely, an online traction was my pitfall. It became even more scary when i noticed being followed on Twitter by ‘creditcardmachines’. Could it also be that spyware infected my Apple?

I would love to play internet-detective for a few days to find out what had happened to me. To be save, i’d hire professionals for the aftermath (see for example ‘FBI traces NY bomb suspect through mobile phone‘). Better be save then sorry…

Photo credits | whostolemyidentity.com