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Printbuyer: The Dutch Printing Test

Beoordeling Nationale Drukwerktest, 9 november 2011, Print Buyer Markt

Yesterday I visited the Print Buyer Market in Leiden. This trade fair of Dutch paper suppliers and printers promised a full program and one prominent headline: The conclusion of ‘The National Printing Test’.

Fifteen Internet(!)Printers were given the job of printing a flyer. To review the results, all flyers were exhibited annotated with pricing, delivery time and other comments (certification, service, etc.).

It soon became clear that the term “conclusion” was premature in character. The audience was asked to determine the winner/looser by means of colored pushpins, what turned out to be a difficult job. Whereas ‘analogue’ professionals seem to opt for quality and craftmanship, consumers are most interested in price and service.

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Annual Report Defence for Children

Defence for Children | 2011

Jaarverslag 2010 Defence for Children

The 2010 Annual Report for Defence for Children strikingly proves that annual reports need not be long and boring. Colourful photography, balanced typography and factual information interspersed with fun and engaging interviews.

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Rorschach Christmas inkblot test

Pseudo-scientific seasons greetings for clients and friends. Ten inkblots (Rorschach Test, Psychodiagnostic Plates, 1927) form a christmas tree.
A personal message is written on the backside of the card.

Campaign Health and Safety Measurements

2 in beweging | Health & Safety Measurements | 2010

Graphic Design for Health and Safety Measurements for the meat industry. The campaign is aimed at raising awareness of security risks in the workplace for employees and managers. The campaign material includes free cards, booklets and posters.

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Word comprehension with aphasia

Erasmus MC | EFiks | 2009

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Book with exercises for patients with aphasia (neuro-linguistic disorder).
Multimedia content (DVD) by Studio Carambolas.

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