Google Cardboard: VR for dummies

Google Cardboard V2

Today, I finally purchased Google’s Cardboard VR-Viewer. Once the kit (cardboard + lenses) is assembled, a regular smartphone is inserted. By use of specialized apps and the phone’s built-in gyroscope, this offers a cheap way to discover and play with Virtual Reality. Think 3D-video, games, and ‘experiences’. Since its introduction in 2014 Google has shipped over 5 Million Carboard VR-Viewers.

It’s not so much about the device itself, but the new possibilities offered by creating an easy-access platform. For both designers and creatives tools are available to create 360ยบ-videos (Jump app), panoramic images (Cardboard Camera) or games (Unity-software).

Some predict the next viewer will work without a cellphone or computer, using a built-in screen, processor and camera.