Social Jungle

“What is the Law of the Jungle? Strike first and then give tongue.”
– Rudyard Kipling, The Jungle Book, Mowgli’s Brothers

The above quote has 121 characters -including punctuation- and will soon be included in an average of about 20 million tweets per day, divided among approximately 200 million users. Rumour is Twitter is worth 10 billion U.S. dollar. That’s $50 per user. So what’s the value of this ‘tweet’? And a “retweet” (RT)?

Twitter as Tech Bubble Barometer
(The Wall Street Journal Online, February 10, 2011)

Waarom Twitter 10 miljard dollar waard is
(De Standaard Online, vrijdag 11 februari 2011)

The sale of twitter? Five things it could mean
(The Wall, 10 february 2011)