Inspiratie Mei #2

Harvard Business Review (HBR) – July/August 2023 – Gen Ai and the New Age of Human Creativity
How Gen AI can augment human creativity. 1. Promote divergent thinking. Example; creation of image that combines elephant and butterfly (chimera) in ‘phantafly’. This is then used to iterate design for chairs and chocolate. Or ChatGPT to generate ideas through ’tricosiation’. Example; you will play the role of ideator. Randomly create 10 common nouns, randomly select 2 of the 10, ask me for a third noun. Generate a business idea by combining the three nouns. 2. Challenge expertise bias 3. Assist in idea-evaluation (generate pro’s and con’s). 4. Support idea refinement (combining ideas to produce stronger ones). 5. Facilitate collaboration with and among users. Humans have boundless creativity. However, communicating their concepts is another challenge. GenAi can remove this challenge. Order here (back issue).

De Nieuwe Koers #4
Coverbeeld; Beeldbazen
Uitgelicht: beeld ‘Stille Strijd’ van Saskia Stolz

Volzin #5
Interview met avonturier zonder vaste woonplek, Tamar Valkenier

Fonk #390
Straat Gallery, Mando Marie, Take Me Down expo tm 24 juni
Brutus, Wild Summer of Art, 12 july-25 augustus
Dart Design – Identity for Scildon

Beleggersbelangen #21
Frozen orange juice index > citrus greening ziekte > prijs is afgelopen 2 jaar verdrievoudigd
Kooptip: Euronext
Goud beste belegging van deze eeuw (736% tov 499% S&P500). Enige monetaire valuta die niet kan worden afgepakt.