Inspiration: Print, Fonk, Net, MT & CommArts

Magazines and scissors

A summary of my unchanged strategy: spending a Zen-moment in The Hague Central Library, browsing curiously through a selection of magazines. Clipping and sharing the following facts:

Print – Fall 2015 – The Text Issue
Google font Literata replaces Droid Serif (see also: Fonts and Nonsense)
Cultural blogger Nadja Sayej

Fonk 167
Creative platform TWOL24
Ensie starts project to save lost words
Advertising and the art of influencing: the barrière-methodiek

Net 274
Svg animation tool
See also: Tumblr’s new GIF maker (NextWeb article)
Top app for solopreneurs: Pocketsuit
Free design app Vectr
Showcase Legworkstudio
IBM Design Language: Machines in Motion
The origins of the Hall and Oates Hotline
Design Sharing for Teams: Wake (Slack-contender)

Management Team (MT) 645 – Dutch Innovation

Dutch companies who change the rules of the game: Gamechangers 2015

Franchise model for Homecare: Happy Nurse
Teambuilding for new employees: Appical
GeoPhy collects real-estate data
The international student housing platform for exchange and internship students
Group buying schemes solar panels
Quality sales and loyalty promotions for retailers queueup
Document protection startup Quiver
The Things Network

Communication Arts 56
Six Secrets of Highly Effective Graphic Design Marketers
Wee Hee wins Design Awards
Helia Brand Identity
Tusk Conservation Awards pattern identity