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Focus on paper

2015 | Dutch Victim Support Fund

Briefpapier uitnodigingen Fonds Slachtofferhulkp

Research shows that paper/tangible mailings have a greater impact on the recipient than digital mailings. For a specific target group of the Dutch Victim Support Fund we realized an exclusive and striking design with attention to quality and detail.

Paper: Conqueror vergé
Font: Portrait Inline
Production: Drukkerij van Deventer


2015 | Libertas Leiden


Custom illuminated sign for Libertas Leiden. We designed over thirty items for 10 different locations.

Inspiration: Print, Fonk, Net, MT & CommArts

Magazines and scissors

A summary of my unchanged strategy: spending a Zen-moment in The Hague Central Library, browsing curiously through a selection of magazines. Clipping and sharing the following facts:

Print – Fall 2015 – The Text Issue
Google font Literata replaces Droid Serif (see also: Fonts and Nonsense)
Cultural blogger Nadja Sayej

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What is childfriendly care?

2015 | Werkgroep Kind in azc

Poster Kind in azc

The goal of ‘Kind in azc’ is to improve the situation of children in asylum (refugee) centers. This resulted in a flyer/poster answering the question “What is childfriendly care according to children?”.

Portrait: Akhrat Selevani
Photography: Hans Moolenaar

Pop-art businesscards

Business Cards

Businesscards for ABC Easylearning in 3 different designs: radiant-baby, cherry dots and bananas. With special finishing (3d-varnish).

Report ‘Child victims of sexual abuse in criminal proceedings’

2015 | Defence for Children
Rapport rechtsgang in zedenzaken

Child victims of sexual abuse from twelve years and older are to often treated like adults by law enforcement. That is the finding of Defence for Children in the report ‘Child victims of sexual abuse in criminal proceedings’.

Lay-out: Designink
Illustration: Josee Tesser

More information;
Press Release Defence for Children
Interview Radio 1 (7.05 minuut)

Dam tot Dam Business Run – FSH

2015 | Fonds Slachtofferhulp

Dam tot Damloop voor Fonds Slachtofferhulp

For many companies the Dam tot Dam Business Run is an excellent opportunity to achieve a sporting performance with staff or clients. To show this effort, we developed this event-specific logo for our client, the Dutch Victim Support Fund.

Mediawise – 21st Century Skills

2015 | Defence for Children

Mediawise folder

Tri-Fold brochure for MediaWise, an educational concept and online platform for young people in closed institutions.

Mulock Houwer lecture 2015

2015 | Defence for Children

Mulock Houwer-lezing

A fresh new look for the Annual Mulock Houwer lecture.

More information: announcement and registration


Death by inspiration

Magazine covers

Killer design ideas and resources from a collection of magazines;

MacFan 120
Advertisement from Raumfeld (competitor of Sonos)
The revelation of the Nuremberg International Toy Fair: My Bionic Bird
Handy websites for creatives: makerbookdeathtothestockphotogooduipicjumbopexelsunsplashcoolorsaudionetworkinstabackgrounds
Movies: The BabadookSeven PsychopathsThe Hateful Eight

Fonk 162
Case: Biggest building wrap in the Netherlands for Shell HQ in The Hague Brandbase
Yepp website by Fabrique

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